King Charles' grand rooms at Clarence House which remain out of bounds

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla live at Clarence House in London, and while there are talks of them potentially moving into Buckingham Palace one day, they are very fond of their existing residence.

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The property has been closed to visitors since 2019, meaning the five grand rooms which are usually open to the public have been out of bounds for years. Take a look at these jaw-dropping spaces…

The Lancaster Room

This is the main waiting room for visitors of the house, so if dignitaries or officials come to meet the monarch, they will wait here.

The Morning Room

This space used to be where breakfast was served. It’s reported by the Royal Collection Trust that the Duchess of Kent added a large window to the room around 1841 to enjoy views over the garden.

Fans have seen the Queen Consort welcome guests into this room for chats over a cup of tea and official photographs.

The Library

Every royal home seems to have a grand library, and Clarence House is no different. Queen Consort Camilla invited guests in to decorate a Christmas tree in the space one Christmas. How cosy!

The Dining Room

This grand dining room is filled with ornate details on the walls, and the vast dining table steals the show. Here it is set up for a royal banquet, complete with candelabras and flowers. The room also has an abundance of historical paintings and a traditional fireplace.

Two rooms were combined to make one show-stopping garden room with two large windows to make the most of the fabulous vistas. The room has regal red curtains and gilded details.

All five of these rooms are located on the ground floor of the property, and the upper levels are strictly private.

It is unknown if Charles’ home will be open to visitors in 2023, but the royal website will be updated accordingly.